Welcome to JETS - an online ePortfolio and certification portal for trainee endoscopists

JETS is the JAG Endoscopy Training System. It supports high quality endoscopy training in the UK by offering training courses for endoscopists and an ePortfolio for trainees to record their procedure data. JETS is an online framework for trainee certification in a number of endoscopy modalities including OGD, colonoscopy, and flexible sigmoidoscopy.

Device Assisted Enteroscopy (DAE) new pathway launch

We will soon be launching a new device assisted enteroscopy (DAE) pathway on the JETS website. This pathway was created with the aim of ensuring high-quality endoscopy and patient safety. Please see below for information you should know if you or your colleagues will be training in this pathway.

JETS clinical training lead recruitment 2024

Recruitment is now open for the JAG endoscopy training clinical lead.