How does certification work?

There are specific certification pathways for different endoscopic modalities and typically a pathway will consist of:

Recording training activity

All activity undertaken on training lists should be recorded on the ePortfolio. All procedure data must be logged on JETS and not in paper-based format or through other logbooks.

Once a set of criteria is met, which includes a minimum number of procedures and modality-specific clinical measures, a trainee can be assessed to demonstrate their competence in the procedure and gain certification.

Take a look at the certification pathways overview for more information.

Formative DOPS and DOPyS

Direct observation of procedural skills (DOPS) and direct observation of polypectomy skills (DOPyS) forms are endoscopy specific training forms. They break down the skills needed to perform a safe, high quality procedure into a number of sections and each section into demonstrable skills.

Each of these skills is then assessed by a trainer and a score is awarded to indicate the level of supervision required for the trainee to complete that specific skill. DOPS forms provide a clear framework for training and show progress and also which areas require further training and development. Text and learning objectives can be added to the DOPS forms.

The content of the DOPS forms is specific to each procedure. A DOPS form should be completed on a specific procedure and one should be completed for each list.

Summative DOPS

When a trainee has met the criteria to apply for certification and is considered by the trainer to be ready to sit the DOPS assessments, those assessments (four observed case judgments) can be carried out in any combination of ways that fulfil the following criteria:

This could result in the four DOPS being completed as below (or a variation of the below):

The 4 summative DOPS must be completed within 1 month of the first one being started.

A trainee's primary trainer or a trainer who has submitted an appraisal on the trainee within 12 months cannot submit forms.

All DOPS must meet the criteria; if one does not, then the DOPS process (four observed case judgements) must start again.

Local review and payment

Once you have completed your summative DOPS assessment you are able to submit your application for review by your training lead using the online platform.

Once it has been reviewed it will be submitted to the JAG office where you will need to pay a £70 administration fee, it will then be reviewed by a JAG assessor and officially signed off and your certificate issued.

If you are a trainee and your local lead has not signed off your certificate, we ask for you to make contact with them directly; JAG would not intervene if there are any delays in this process.

Review and sign off

Once the training lead has approved the application, a JAG assessor reviews the application. This is usually completed within 7 working days. Once you have been signed off you can access your certificate on your certification page.

Once certification has been awarded, a trainee will be able to carry out the procedure independently. For most modalities independent means without direct supervision from a trainer. For colonoscopy, provisional certification allows the trainee to carry out the procedure, but a consultant should be available in the unit if required. For full colonoscopy certification, a consultant is not required to be in the department. If a trainee takes a break from practising, they do not need to be re-certified, however JAG recommends that the trainee is assessed locally by the trust when they return.