Who can use the ePortfolio?

Who can use the ePortfolio?

All gastroenterology and general surgery trainees at any level can use the JETS ePortfolio. It has been developed to staff them to meet curriculum requirements in endoscopy. Nurses, clinical endoscopists and GPs with a specialist interest in endoscopy can also use the website.

The JETS ePortfolio is one of the most important methods for logging your endoscopic training and we recommend you use the portfolio during each of your lists.

JAG certification is aimed at trainees and not for those in consultant positions. Certification is not mandatory and therefore not a requirement for any consultant post.

Where is it available?

The JETS ePortfolio and JAG certification is not currently available to trainees in Ireland or countries outside of the UK. If a trainee moves to the UK from another country, their historic procedures completed outside of the UK could be counted towards the total procedure numbers. However, the DOPS requirements would need to be completed in the UK.

If a candidate is aiming for JAG certification and would like to use procedures from outside of the UK to count toward their lifetime numbers, they must ensure that they still train under the JAG certification pathway. Certification is for trainees who have trained following this pathway from start to finish, not for established endoscopists to apply for when they have not trained following this process from the start. 

What is the charge for using the ePortfolio?

There is no charge for using the ePortfolio; however, your service will need to be paying the JAG annual subscription to have access to the website. When applying for certification against a JAG certification endoscopy modality, you will be required to pay a fee of £70. The charge helps to support the ongoing maintenance of the JETS website, governance, administration and research.

Who can see the ePortfolio?

Trainees can see their own records and this is also accessible to their training leads and training programme director (TPD).

The portfolio allows training programme directors (TPD) to review trainee’s ePortfolios, the quantity of training received in a unit, and the anonymous trainer feedback.