How NED works

What is the National Endoscopy Database (NED) pilot site?

To ensure the data uploaded to NED is accurate, services will initially start uploading to the NED pilot site. Producing accurate KPI data is key to NED’s aim to improve endoscopy quality. This is why there are two instances of NED; NED pilot and NED live. The NED pilot site is the initial stage trusts/organisations go through to ensure their data is being uploaded and mapped correctly. The next step is uploading to the NED live site. Data uploaded to the live instance of NED will also be uploaded onto JETS. This means that trainees will no longer need to manually add procedural data into JETS, therefore eliminating the risk of trainee bias.

How does NED fit in with JAG accreditation?

NED is aligned with JAG’s mission to support the UK endoscopy workforce to provide the highest quality, timely, patient-centred care. Uploading to NED has been a requirement for JAG accreditation since April 2018. To maintain or attain JAG accreditation, services are expected to be routinely uploading to the NED pilot site with a NED compliant ERS. This is reflected in the Global Rating Survey (GRS) (JAG)*.

What is a NED compliant ERS?

At this stage of the project, the majority of the major ERS companies provide NED compatible systems. However not all systems perform within the same upload success rate range. The upload success rate (USR) is the metric we use to determine whether an ERS’ software version is NED compliant. USR’s calculate the rate at which procedures successful map to NED. To be NED compliant, software versions are expected to perform with a USR of 98% +. Sometimes procedures are not successfully uploaded to NED due to technical issues. Such issues should be investigated and resolved by the endoscopy service and supplier.

Services using a software version that is ‘compliant’, ‘compliant – pilot site only’ and ‘compliant – under review’ can answer yes to the GRS measures relating to NED and are meeting the current standards required to be JAG accredited. If a service is using a version that is ‘not compliant’ or is not listed in the table, the service is not meeting the requirements to be JAG accredited.